This Bhutan Trip in last Sep (2015) definitely is one of my favorite journey in my life. Through this trip, I had a chance to know more and deeper of Bhutanese, its culture and religion. Of course an opportunity to enjoy an awesome natural view and the traditional architectural structures as well. Also, all staff are super nice, professional and helpful. Everything together makes it unforgettable!!

Joey Chow

Woo…What a wonderful & delightful place that I had spent my lovely journey on April, 2014. With excellent weather, professional tourist guide & driver provided by Bhutan Sunshine. They paid full effort for taking care of us. Not only the itinerary but our feelings & needs. They happiness still kept deeply in my mind. All the happiness memories always jumps out till now. I’ll be back…Bhutan!!!


Bhutan Sunshine Have a professional team of tour guides, good driving skill we have had a comfortable ride over the journey. Our 3 days treks in the wild has been wonderful and unforgettable, the whole team including the chief team had provided us nice Bhutanese dishes. We were well cared and the journey brought us sweet memories, journey was well planned with both cultural visits and wild trek enable us to understand more about the country and people.


If you want to have an unusual experience in forest, join trekking in Bhutan, a secret friend and the gang from forest are waiting for U with their very special welcome~ For me, no matter food or places we visited just extraordinary! And sure will visit Bhutan again in other season that I haven’t experience.
Happy Trip!


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