Bumthang Valley

Bumthang is considered to be heart of Bhutan located at 2700 m above the sea level. It consist of four valley CHUMMY, CHAMKHAR, TANG and URA. It is believe that four different region have four different types of people. The firest chummy is considered as the Land of beauty, especially the women from this valley are considered as the most beautiful in bumthang valley.

People in Chummy basically cultivating, potatoes, buckwheat and barley for their different cuisines and raise livestock’s like cows and yaks

At chummy there is an very scare land mark called THARPALING( meaning the route to the pure land) here the main monastery named chodrak monastery ( the Clift of the hidden treasure of the sutras) it is believed that the site has been visited by the great master Guru padmasambava and hidden the treasure of compassion which will be revel by the prophecy masters in the further.

The Clift has been marked with the door, where you still can see waiting for it’s revellers.

In every monastery in every autumn, people of bumthang have many festivals gathering all the families together and celebrate the celebrations together.

Bumthang is a beautiful place indeed, it culture and tradition which is preserved by people that what makes a Bhutan an happiest place.

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