Bumthang Jamba monastery fire ritual ( MEA WANG) or fire blessing.

Since 7th century, the fire blessing ceremony began. It was celebrated every 15th day 10th month of Bhutanese calendar.It was an very old tradition that the ceremony start with many different performance of mask dance and rituals. During the preparation, the people set up a gate using dry bushes hanging all around. By the end of the day the fire ritual was performed and start to burn the gate.

While the gate burns the people starting running beneath the fire all around for three times, Bhutanese people believe that once they run under the fire gate, their sins and bad karma can be purified by the blessing of fire.

During the day all the families, friends,love ones and thousands of people gather to witness the ceremony and receive blessing.

Me being a Bhutanese from west of Bhutan, it was and tremendous experience and unforgettable moment that I had very much enjoyed. Since the Jamba Lhakhang monastery itself has been very special and scare land marked here in central Bhutan.

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