Winter breeze of Bhutan

Winter in Bhutan is cold, but the view is breath taking, that’s why we do recommend to travel to Bhutan in winter for the best snow mountain view, in the times of October to February, Bhutan provides its excellent blue sky and with the mountain covers in snow and beautiful stars at night.

If you are a great fan of beers, you sit back at the spot and try eight different kinds of beer produce in Bhutan itself, if not a coffee or Chinese green tea makes a day go smiling

That’s where the happiness is a place, moments when you can feel the cool fresh breeze, that makes you feel you are life again. Life is beautiful while nature provide you the colour of its beauty.

People might get stressed out due to their daily work, but the place still have life that can provide freshness to cheers them self up and start their day with a new start again.

No one realises the freshness until you feel it,No one understand the toughness of a Clift until you rub your nose on it.

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