Phalls of Bhutan and its history

In Bhutan there are many interesting stories and legend stating centuries, but from all here is one of the most interesting stories behind phalls of Bhutan. It might get very weird in the western world if you see a painting of phalls ( penis) on the wall, but in Bhutan there are many. Bhutanese people believed that it is an symbol of protection, symbol for the flow of the family line. They believe with a painting, it will protect from the bad energy or bad luck that’s come from peoples back bites. The story has start way back in 1455 with the birth of Tibetan great saint Lama Drukpa Kurnley popularly recognise in Morden world as the Devine mad man. It said that he had visited many parts of Himalayan countries and subdue many demons using his phalls ( penis) From many of the places, one of the most popular sits in Punakha Lobesa locates western part of Bhutan call Chimi Lhakhang or the Temple of fertility. It is believed that visiting the monastery and getting the blessing can have a child to those couple who have difficulties having it. Where located at the Lobesa village near the site people are deeply believe and celebrating the tradition for many generations.

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