We are established In 2012 with the goal to make your work or holiday in Bhutan a mean, an History and answer behind Bhutans beauty and legends that makes Bhutan an unique kingdom, Everyone Travel with an reason, an hope to get incredible and refreshing journey to life, while  you escape the moment that everyday city hassles,”All world is beautiful, But need the right eyes to see, every music  is  sound full, but need right tone to its melody”, We had been those eyes that can make you see Bhutans beauty and tone to its natures Melody.With our Goal we tailor-made services to our respected fellow travellers Comfort and had left many footprints, those who had already seen Bhutan through our doors and left us with an memorial gift, TRUST. 



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About Bhutan


Previously all Bhutanese citizens were required to observe the national dress code, known as Driglam Namzha, while in public during daylight hours. The rule was enforced more rigorously in some districts (dzongkhag) than others. Men wear a heavy knee-length robe tied with a belt, called a GHO, folded in such a way to form a pocket in front of the stomach.Women wear colourful blouses over which they fold and clasp a large rectangular cloth called a kira, thereby creating an ankle-length dress. A short silk jacket, or toego may be worn over the KIRA. Everyday gho and kira are cotton or wool, according to the season, patterned in simple checks and stripes in earth tones. For special occasions and festivals, colourfully patterned silk kiraand, more rarely, gho may be worn.Additional rules of protocol apply when visiting a dzong or a temple, or when appearing before a high-level official. Male commoners wear a white sash (kabney) from left shoulder to opposite hip. Local and regional elected officials, government ministers, cabinet members, and the King himself each wear their own colored kabney. Women wear a narrow embroidered cloth draped over the left shoulder, a rachu. The dress code has met with some resistance from Lhotshampa, people of Nepali ancestry, living along the Indian border who resent having to wear a cultural dress which is not their own.

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Customized Packages




Bhutan Consisting 90% of many different Sacred site and its history leading to Back 7 to 8 century, Blessed by many extraordinary teachers. In which the people visiting the places gains lots of merits and blessings.





Bhutan’s unique landscapes, peoples, monasteries, monks, fortress, valleys, flags and wonders of the biggest statue that create different dynamic and feelings through your lens.





Bhutan’s history is rich; its festivals are extremely colourful and lively with many traditional different mask dances and dramas, celebrating generation by generation and generation.





Over 80% of the land of Bhutan is covered with evergreen forests, which is truly a mountain biker’s paradise. We will ride through the forests and the trail difficulty will depend on your riding experience.





Our private tour is perfect for your romantic honeymoon vacation. You will be surprised by the breath-taking sceneries and will definitely be memorable in this last Shangri-la.




Tour Plans

Bumthang Valley

Bumthang is considered to be heart of Bhutan located at 2700 m above the sea level. It consist of four valley CHUMMY, CHAMKHAR, TANG and URA. It is believe that four different region have four different types of people. The firest chummy is considered as the Land of beauty, especially the women from this valley …

Bumthang Jamba monastery fire ritual ( MEA WANG) or fire blessing.

Since 7th century, the fire blessing ceremony began. It was celebrated every 15th day 10th month of Bhutanese calendar.It was an very old tradition that the ceremony start with many different performance of mask dance and rituals. During the preparation, the people set up a gate using dry bushes hanging all around. By the end …




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